Selonnes Consult Team Participate in Second Abuja Dialogue 

Select Peace and Security Experts gathered in Abuja, Nigeria on 15-16 October, 2019 for the Second Edition of Abuja Dialogue co-funded by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation and the European …

Selonnes Consult Policy Tidbits:  Whither Emergent EAC?

From a policy perspective, the recent emergence of the Economic Advisory Council (EAC), hints at the Economic Management Team (EMT) and its advocated policies not being efficacious. Curiously, the EAC …

Selonnes Consult Policy Brief 57/18: Vanquishing Gender Imbalance in Nigerian Politics 

Oseloka H. Obaze MD Selonnes Consult  visit some flooded Ogbaru Towns

As it was in 2012, most Ogbaru towns from Odekpe to Ogwu-Ikpele stand submerged from flooding (see photos) The River Niger is yet to crest in many towns and flash …

Kofi Annan: In Service of the World

The breadth and scope of policy initiatives launched by Annan and efforts exerted by him in the area of peace, development, and human rights showed that he understood fully the dynamic nexus between these issues.