Mission Statement

Our Mission

At Selonnes Consult ® we aim to contribute towards creating a better Nigeria that is dutifully and proactively responsive to the yearnings of its people and their unmet needs, through well-articulated strategic public policies that meet international best standards and practice.  We hold that good governance remains a continually evolving and value-driven process that derives its impetus from an unfettered commitment to selfless service to the people, with the priority focus and attributes being the respect for the rule of law, justice, equity, due process and accountability.  We are committed to refocusing the attention of government at all levels, toward being basic services delivery-oriented, cost-effective, and efficient and offering purposeful and irreproachable leadership dedicated to uplifting the disenfranchised population in Nigeria, by canvassing public policies that replicate international best standards and practices.

The Management

Selonnes Consult