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Oseloka Obaze, the Anambra’s Bride

BY Tobenna Obiano
IN few days time, it would be done and dusted, the noise, the drama and the upheavals will calm, perhaps, normalcy will finally return to Anambra.

The forthcoming elections have raised somuch dust that the quake it has beaten in the polity has become unequalled. Anambrarians cannot wait for it to come to an end, that a decision be made for who becomes the sherif to lead for another four years.

The long awaited Governorship debate has come and gone. It was a resounding success, as Anambrarians, as against the noisy approach of online warlords and internet champs, for the very first time heard directly from those who are angling to lead them. It was a one-on-one engagement for them to discuss their manifestoes and why they wanna govern Anambra State.

The Anambra Gubernatorial debate was an eye opener. It showed capacity, capability, scholarship, maturity, intelligence, stage management, discipline and approach in treating issues. Those are lead-point towards Anambra’s future. If nothing else, the debate has equipped many of the then undecided voters on what stand to take, which choices to make and why their candidates should be the best.

Personally, I do not think if there is in all honesty, any need for further debates or long articles to discuss as to who becomes our candidate of choice. We saw everything on live broadcast through Channels Television, many thanks to them. The sherif in town had a pitiful, lowly, shameful, undesirable, devastating and disastrous performance. What an outing!

The duo of Oseloka Obaze of the PDP and Osita Chidoka of UPP schooled him and everyone else. They took him to the cleaners and brought him back. If anything should be discussed, we should now refocus on discussing the outcome and sterling performance of Obaze and Chidoka in matters relating to leadership. We should be thankful that we have such giants willing to join the race and set Anambra on the path to glory.

While these contenders were on stage, it was facing the people and the camera live. Propaganda, merchinaries, lies and deceit couldn’t help. Even the usual “expo” wasn’t forthcoming. Everything came to limelight. The debate was a worthwhile expository one, laden with insider account, laced with facts and figures.

Again, the choices before us is crystal clear, it’s a choice of light against darkness, truth against lies, propaganda and deception against reality, just against unjust, selflessness against selfishness.

The choice before ndi-Anambra is a very important one. Apologies if I happen to sound immodest, pardon me for my bluntness in speaking truth to power. In a sane, serious minded and truly progressive society, how on earth can we even be debating about the choices before us? What rationale do we have to measure these guys against their co-contenders, especially when we know the truth.

The sherif and even his footsoldiers would agree that currently, they are in their lowest beam, the choice of Obaze as to Sherif is not even close! Who does that? Infact, it’s ridiculously insulting to measure such a giant like Obaze to the other “O” man.

That one is simply calamitous and catastrophic as far as governance and leadership generally is concerned. In any serious setting, characters like his, shouldn’t have had any dealing whatsoever within the corridors of power. Again, Awka is stinking!

There are no roads, even the minutest things aren’t managed well, everything has grown past brokenness, it’s now shattered. Anambra has loads of needs and basics begging for attention, but they are continually ignored where frivolities are celebrated and taken seriously. They have shamelessly and ridiculously failed! If you are supporting them, you support evil.

Nwoye can’t miraculously be declared a saint overnight. We as young people can’t be that petty. We should keep our history of the past sacred and abreast, then measure up those to the realities of the present. He may be a good man no doubt, but his records does not measure up to same. Youthful age to me in Anambra’s choice is a stupid debate and yes, it’s a lame argument, the Kogi State Governor is the youngest Nigerian Governor in this age, and likewise, he is the most failed Governor in the last three years throughout Nigeria. He has won that laurel and it’s for keeps.

Ezeemo is an industrialist par excellence. He has excelled in building, growing and sustaining his chains of businesses. A true son of the soil who has also brought home his investment to help in the progress of his state and Nigeria. He is promising and not doing badly for himself. Well, his political party may not have the capacity to deliver him.

Chidoka is again another sound mind. He knows his onion and he may make a good leader if gifted the mantle of leadership. He had giant outing in the past, as Corp Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Commission and subsequently, a short-lived time as Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation. Again, like Ezeemo, his political party may not deliver him too. Also, note that his party, the UPP somewhat now seems more like the true representative of the Igbo agenda, not APGA which has since been mortgaged and put up and ran like a one man family business.

Obaze is sterling. He is outstanding. He is classy. He has no equal. He is sane, sound and seasoned. The PDP candidate is a polished, fine and refined gentleman. In forward looking entities or progressive clime, these lists shouldn’t match into a debate as regards Governance with Obaze. They deserve to sit, listen and be tutored by him as far as governance is concerned, only Osita Chidoka comes close. Obaze’s works at the United Nations, an institution of high repute for over two decades speaks volume. His giant strides while working as Anambra’s SSG is very commendable.

For the records, the humane and humble Oseloka Obaze has worked under former Nigerian Presidents, Babangida, Buhari and Shagari before joining as an international technocrat and diplomat with the United Nations, a worldclass institution with reach globally and particularly serving as an expert in peace, conflict resolution, management and leadership generally plus an edge in inter-human development and community growth. He worked for over two decades before returning to Awka, Anambra State where he served as the Secretary to the State Government under two Governors.

Mr. Obaze is coming to breath fresh air into our society and governance, the goodnews is, as someone equipped, he is arriving fully made!

Obaze should be supported to reach this goal, attain this height and be pushed to soar higher. Anambra Guber is a kids play for a person of his level in all fronts, except for noise, misleadership, gross indiscipline, corruption and all those other negatives. Talk about positivity, Obaze is our, Anambra’s missing rip, the State’s bride!

I have also known Barr Chidi Onyemelukwe for sometime now. She is endowed with brain, brawn and beauty. She is embodied with intelligence, class, smartness and all that is good. She is bountifully endowed with the true scent of a woman and mother, if elected Deputy Governor, she will do well. I can beat my chest for her. In#OselokaObazeAndChidiOnyemelukweTeam, even failure itself will be afraid of coming anytime close.

Yes, the process that gifted Obaze with the ticket might have been marred by irregularities as it is claimed, but then, if the party maintains its stand, maybe because they have seen or known his capacity or capability, then we all should proudly key under him and support him.

If you can’t give your bulk vote to Obaze, push it towards Chidoka and if you want a third option, think Ezeemo, furtheron, push towards Nwoye. As for Mr. M, voting him shouldn’t be in the cards.

Obaze is the man, he is best amongst equals; let’s make him a Governor!
Tobenna Obiano is a public affairs analyst 

The opinions and views expressed in this article are solely those of the writer/author, and do not necessarily represent or reflect the editorial policy of Headline News Nigeria.

Oseloka Obaze, MD & CEO

Oseloka Obaze, MD & CEO

Mr. Obaze is the former Secretary to the State Government of Anambra State, Nigeria from 2012 to 2015 - MD & CEO, Oseloka H. Obaze. Mr. Obaze also served as a former United Nations official, from 1991-2012, and as a former member of the Nigerian Diplomatic Service, from 1982-1991.

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