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Kofi Annan: In Service of the World

The breadth and scope of policy initiatives launched by Annan and efforts exerted by him in the area of peace, development, and human rights showed that he understood fully the dynamic nexus between these issues.

Ode to Kofi Annan – Oseloka H. Obaze’s 2006 poem resonates. 

“An Ode To Kofi” – My 2006 poem in honour of Kofi Annan after he stepped down as UN Secretary General. (Published in Regarscent Past- A collection of Poems, Ben …

Challenges and Strictures of 2016 Budget.

An out-and-out constancy in Nigeria’s politics and governance is elite shifts and policy changes; a fact well- documented in Joe Garba’s 1995 seminal book, Fractured History.  Another outright constancy is …