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President-elect Donald Trump – its history and unprecedented choice – Obaze

Americans have made history with their unprecedented presidential choice. It’s a cliché to say the people have spoken; but indeed they have. The underpinning ethos of democracies is the holding of periodic and genuine elections that are transparent, credible and universal suffrage is respected. The just concluded American presidential election passed that litmus test. The beauty of American democracy is that after the acerbic politicking and near irrational campaign replete with insults, the country will rally around president-elect Donald Trump. Therein lies a lesson for us all. 

Oseloka Obaze, MD & CEO

Oseloka Obaze, MD & CEO

Mr. Obaze is the former Secretary to the State Government of Anambra State, Nigeria from 2012 to 2015 - MD & CEO, Oseloka H. Obaze. Mr. Obaze also served as a former United Nations official, from 1991-2012, and as a former member of the Nigerian Diplomatic Service, from 1982-1991.

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