About Selonnes Consult

SELONNES CONSULT® is a management, strategic policy and good governance consulting firm founded by our MD/CEO, Mr. Oseloka H. Obaze, former Secretary State Government of to the Anambra (2012-2015); a former United Nations Official (1991-2012) and a former member of the Nigerian Foreign Service (1982-1991). Selonnes Consult is engaged in advisory public policy formulation, interrogation and evaluation aimed at fostering sustainable good governance in the three tiers of government in Nigeria. Besides our other incorporation mandate, we focus on providing and evaluating strategic policy options in areas of good governance, politics, security and management, aimed at assisting governments at all levels, toward being basic services delivery-oriented, cost-effective, and efficient and being able to replicate international best standards and practices. We also advise entities in organized private sectors, on the best ways and means of engaging with governments and the public sector without running into bureaucratic impediments. Finally, we publish The Nigerian Legacy®, a policy journal dedicated to fostering legacy public policies through informed debate.